By Appointment

Mama, friend, guide, adventurer, and humble student of being-ness and explorer of the inner workings of the body, mind, and spirit. My commitment is to a path of relational health with oneself, one another, and the world through playfulness and practicality. My highest value is to be in service of love in its essence and its action, whilst still living with boundaries and integrity. Embodied listening, a deeper understanding of one’s biological rhythms, and the knowings of where one had been and comes from, a connection with Nature, and attention to one’s unique path is where I place my attention.

A love affair with the human body and her inner workings began more intimately in 1999 in Tucson, Arizona when I was called to explore the somatic healing arts through massage therapy. This was the beginning (or perhaps a continuation) of a journey I have been on ever since. Curiosity quickly had me steeping in the path of yoga which has likely been what has kept my human experience more alive than I could have ever imagined. My tendencies for survival have made my mind a bit chaotic at times and the fullness of yogic practices has gifted me the sacred relationship with my heart and my feeling body, as well as that which is bigger than my beloved small self. Around the time I committed more deeply to my own yogic explorations I became a mother. The path has held my hand, as all life has become my vessel for practice. Learning how to live with strength and humility to what is- has supported my experience being the parent to a gorgeous human with severe disabilities and how to navigate the world around her/us. This is what prompted my further studies that includes a Master’s degree in counseling psychology (when I also became schooled as a parent of a second beautiful human), a certification as a holistic mental health practitioner, and the three year HEART training, and expert track to become an Organic Intelligence practitioner. And my current training has been with the Relational Life Institute as an integrative couples therapist.  Over the past twenty years I have found myself learning from a great many known and unknown guides and teachings in the subtle realms and all things Earthly. It is a well known secret that I have taken more courses “than anyone knows” in my pursuit and love of learning. A short list includes yin yoga, bhakti yoga, feminine form Ayurveda, cranialsacral therapy, polyvagal theory, modern day attachment theory, trauma recovery, relational neurobiology, how to have good boundaries and the deeper intimacy it brings, social justice and wellness, holistic biomechanics, all things relationship, self-love, and compassion.

Over the past 20+ years, I have delightfully been offering experiential and skillful classes, heart-full workshops, and both national and international retreats as well as running a private practice. I work and support individuals, couples, and groups for people (18+) of all races, religions, cultures, abilities, genders, sexualities and consensual relationship structures. My practice is body positive, sex positive, pleasure positive, and kink friendly. I welcome clients to come in their rawness, and their realness, with their desires, and fullest expression of who they are.

When not wearing my professional hat, I can be found with my children, my partner, with friends, exploring a great many curious things, writing poetry, reading, creating, cooking, laughing as much as I can, sometimes crying because life can be so challenging, spending time in nature, trying to get to water, tracking the moon, and often staying open to what new delights the universe might reveal.