By Appointment

Tiniest of moments integrate as perfection.

Attention placed within the depth of the bluest pools whilst suspending an ache that rests just beyond the crest, the surge, the rapture.


Moon rise above the horizon bestowing darshan.

Her radiance need not be veiled.

Awaken to a beauty uninterrupted as she wanes.


How often we limit the splendid with parameters, definitions, and our own demure projections.


Circulation of desire for what is, making the possibility of joy alive.

Ignition of each cell as an infinite offering to the quake of holiness.

Training in the embodiment of sensitivity.


Mystical worship of two feet upon the Earth, the laundering of garments, the preparations and unfoldings of living the exquisite mundane.

Permission to a whole organism.


It can all become like an excavation of essential wisdom in the treasure chest of the heart.

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