By Appointment

 Found in love.

Recognized in surrender.

Yet, sacred forgetting breeds exhaustive fear.

Trance of unworthiness creates a rigid state.

Searching for a story ends with selfing narratives.

 Open to the teachers.

Open to the Saints and the Sages.

Open to the children and the lovers.

Open to Spirit.

 Honoring the living process.

Purification of I-ness.

Fevers of arrogance.

Overwhelm of gross humility.

 Courage discovered daily upon return to the altar.

A pilgrimage with each opening.

 Watering seeds of devotion.

Cultivating capacities to dissolve

what is not now.

 Blessings of the sunrise

of each breath

of the heart

that is full.

 She is a reflection of radiance.

Turning towards that, (or whom)

which removes darkness.

 Blooming with grace

as the cycles end and give way to


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