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Couple’s Intensive Part Two

The Breath of Relationship!

Have you said YES to a partner that you want to continuing saying YES to?  Are you noticing that the practice of partnership is full of celebrations and also showing you where you have some lessons to learn about love, trust, and intimacy?  Are you committed to living with more pleasure and connection with yourself and the people in your life?  This series is designed for you to have a space to check in and enjoy the journey of conscious coupling.

This series is open to new couples who want to dive deep from the start or those that have been together for many years and want to celebrate each other with intimate adventure.  Our evenings will include meditation, exploration of simple ways to connect physically, tools for conscious communication, and a lot of breathing room to simply be together, in joy and sweetness.  We will serve a light meal at each session.  Our four session series is an invitation for new and renewed commitment, and an opportunity for the remembrance of ritual in our most sacred connections.  Each session will gift you and your beloved the chance to share in practices of acceptance, risk-taking, play, and the support of community as we move through layers of negative beliefs, fears, protective behaviors, and the constructs that keep us stuck from seeing what we already have.  We will address staying open in the midst of big emotions, and of holding space for our partner without putting up walls, as well as how to keep it juicy in matters of sensuality.  This series is designed to bring more wholeness into your life as you meet some of your edges around connectivity.

We welcome couples of ANY make-up (straight, queer, trans, undisclosed, experimental).  This event offers its’ participants the gift of connecting at the level of body, heart, and mind.

4 sessions

Friday, March13th

Friday, March 27th

Friday, April 17th

Friday, April 24th


Temple Love Yoga Sanctuary

*directions given upon registration

The cost of this series is $245 couple if paid by March 1st.  After the cost is $275.

Cash, checks welcome.

*Surcharge for cc.

Space is limited to five couples!!!

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Your retreat guides:

Michelle Marks, M.A. has been sharing what she loves since 2001, offering experiential practices of the body, mind, and spirit through public and private yoga classes, yoga process groups, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. With commitment to personal and collective evolution, she dedicates herself to living yoga as a universal path as well as honoring traditional teachings and practices to wake up to all aspects of ourselves, to incredible joy in our lives and to our highest potential.

Rodyon Jones, LMT  is a body therapist, an observer, a teacher and a creator. As owner of Belief Massage and Body Therapy Clinic for more than ten years, Rodyon works with a wide spectrum of people, from professional athletes, to young children and wise elders. With a focus on basic biological, physiological and neurological functions and one’s relationship with one’s body, mind and intimate partner, he facilitates the “opening of doors” with his clients.  He uses physical touch and manual manipulation, shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy, neurogenic tremors and simple body communications. In return Rodyon is gifted the stories of his clients, each one revealing many of the secrets and insights of being a human being.