By Appointment

Underneath this cap is an unfolding.

A rhythmicity so inherent in aliveness,

a magnificent depth found within my own biology.


The existence that happens between

bird calls and intensity of machinery.

Channels of loveliness

woven within the webs of a spider

and the spider herself.


Species of flowering life and their seedlings

gifted to the onlookers who were unafraid to merge.

Falling in love

with an ever widening reaching out.


Vessel of absolute thanksgiving.

Majestic lid to a cosmic underworld

of sighs and hums

discovered through the stillness of movement.


Flavors of we,

with distinctions of singular exquisiteness.

Cells pulse, temperatures rise and fall

accompanied by a particular praise of Earth and her crown.


Gala of any and all resplendent bodies.

A constellation of beauty freely illuminated

for the pleasure of both the stars and their onlookers.


Effusive canopy

atop a piousness for the radiance of this life.

Living sutras of agape through the convenance of thank you.

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