By Appointment

Twig by twig

No other way to labor

Building a nest, a community, an ancestry


No other way to understand

Truth of the cosmic realm

As a love that resides within us all


Birdsongs that call

Back from the edge of falling

Heard with a repetition of listening


Cognizant of the third day of each month

The date that dad died

Measuring grief in dreams

Delight for the wisdom of a night’s visit

Aches that begin from the center of the chest and emanate


Balm of a milk frother

An electric kettle


Fear of a dull mind

Greater fear of one exaggerated by chaos

Dancing to awaken to the realities of flesh and God

Within balance


Sensitivities colored by a lineage

Conditions evolved from abandonment

A truth exists before and beneath

Hungers to be returned to


Intimacy can seem absolutely doable when alone

A safety of sorts when one knows alone best

Though together is an ability worth generating


Ability to reflect on the aging woman in green heeled ankle boots

So coiffed and attractive

Even as she popped her teeth back in as casual as another step


A most expressed action of love:

Forfeiture of the tastiest center of a Parisian pistachio chocolate pastry

I liken it to the marriage proposal I have not so secretly wanted


Tracking the moon and the dark skies gems

The shift unto light

Another balm


Another third of the month gone by

Conversations with the deceased in dreamtime

Offering the complement of elation to sorrow


Another dark moon love affair

Embodied renewal with each cycle’s promised return


Wheels turn

Spinning adventures of keys found in a railing lockbox

Attached to the bike rack in front of a shop in front of 15-17 Rue Ferdinand Duval


First times for everything

Within a biology that phases towards

Letting go

Twig by twig

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