By Appointment

Being schooled on this path of devotion.

How could I have known the tinder of this fire or the requirements of spirithood.

Bowing this low seemed an impossibility before now.

Awestruck, as I witness tiny warriorship.

Continual rising of quiet action and invitations to the origins of pliancy.

Practicing a return to this woman body so I may assist in the sustenance of a unique girl form.

Precious child, who teaches life’s most primary lessons, rest in my Mother arms.

An organ of benefaction has become powerfully soft while veins pump blood, yours and mine.

Without legs that walk, but with wings that soar, you have learned to travel through dreams and to leave when a moment becomes too much.

Fly far and wide to see visit the stars and oceans and cosmic corners that nurture your soul.

And know, you are always welcome home.

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