By Appointment

Birthed from her heart of hearts.
She reveals herself as I age.
Before she was my illusory salvation.
Now she is my home.

I could not know who she was to me fully until I knew who I was to me.
Humbled by the preciousness of this human birth
and through the womb of a mother source.
My mother source.

Her giving is profound, supported by the wellspring of her own beloved, her roots,
and the brilliance of deeply steeped gratitude practices.

More poetic than any hallmark,
more powerful than she will ever know,
and most aligned with the fullest expression of Nature in bloom,
is my mother.

With a disposition like few others,
a tigress that has only been revealed when necessary,
she has carried me far.

To be seen through the window and the heart is my gift.
May the bond of unconditional devotion be carried
on the seeds and the whispers of our love.

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