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You are a feather. 

You are free. 

You are a symphony. 

You are a symphony. 

I felt the resting of your featherweight love upon my chest. My heart. 

You are free. Without constraints. Without suffering. 

You are a symphony. 

Held within a beautifully dark space of resting between flights. A moon space, a night space. A sacred cocoon.

And you will never be without my love. 

And I will never be without yours. 

Wise one your teachings shall continue. The lessons shall unfold. The symphony will play on. 

If I could make a wish, a plea without attachment it would be to feel you resting upon my heart again and again, perhaps until I am without my own form. 

The ask for it to be anything other- My world would be missing a greater freedom. Your freedom, and the symphony that is a part of the larger whole. Though you were and still are my whole. 

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