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Full Moon in Cancer- Myopic Excerpt

Honoring what I have learned in this last year’s cycles of waxing and waning.

I have learned how to make food for a family of six, and that I love creating nourishing spaces. I have tried on what it is like to not personalize very personal things. I let it sink in deeper that suffering occurs in everyone’s life – no exemptions.

I discovered the discernment between yes with trepidation versus no, this is not right for me. I am learning where being centered in myself is dandy, and where I can stretch my capacity for giving and making space for other. I am more comfortable with baby steps even though I thought I was a person who leaps.

I have learned that adventure girl still lives within me, and she has ample opportunity to be celebrated. The last big lesson of this past moon was that a great many thing can come out of a relaxed state. Forgiveness is a balm that is completely impossible to force, and rarely a one shot deal.

I recognize that I have an opinion on many things. Such as- total passivity in communication is wretched, and quite cruel, and overbearance makes for childish resistance and walls of steel. And that both of these extremes come from a place where safety does not prevail. I have been reminded that I have no idea what it means to walk in someone else’s shoes. Nor someone in mine.

These many moons I have learned the potency of pleasure and that desire is not poison. There is something amazing to be able to return again and again to the wellspring of intrinsic okay-ness.

I have learned that my deep faith is a bold remedy for ailments. Not the faith that comes from everything aligning, or another saving me, or that all will make sense. I have been shown that I can find reprieve in stillness, and that another breath cycle will occur, and that my love is uncompromising. I have danced with the faith that resurrects. The faith that despite my fears, I will rise.

I have learned that who I am is enough. There will always be someone I can’t please, and another that sees me as sugar sweet, and that I do not have to do a thing about either. There will forever be more to learn and I am grateful. And I have learned that what I hold in a panoramic view already is perfect.

What blessings have been bestowed, birthed, and realized for you? Maybe you reflect with a moon, a birthday, or the sunrise? What are your own little and big lessons? Can you recognize a thread that has accompanied you for a season, or a long chapter in your lifetime? In what ways do you hold yourself accountable to meet what is in front of you, and within you? How are you influenced by the unexpected? Or the amazing? What is precious to you right now? And what do you give thanks for on your merry-go-round?

Sometimes our wisdom comes through a whisper, and other times it is a hurricane. To pay attention requires patience, and awareness. With the grace of appreciation, may you become more familiar with your strengths, and how you discipline yourself to practice courage – to muse all of the ways you are continually shaping, growing, shedding, learning.


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