By Appointment

Burnt reds, and orange to the West
layered and thick
neighboring thousands
of twinkling lights.

Looking out from a ridge between forests
bordering cities.
As night-scape settles, lightening
quietly excites the sky.

Sounds of birds, insects, and laughter.
All of nature aligned.
Garments become less necessary
as a trail hosts a lovers’ intrigue.

Clearing amidst it all offers shelter
for a nighttime.
Clouds conceal a full moon bright
yet her essence remains with howls
in her luminescence.

Rumbles of thunder, song of
post dusk creatures, and the pure joy
of a woman settling
into a passing moment
of freedom.

All elements adjusting until rain spills from the sky.
Slow trickles give way to steady rhythms
that soften the Earth.

Sunrise under cover,
a wet night’s home awakens.
With the beloved warm by my side,
all I can do is dream poems.

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