By Appointment

I Ching School

(Meditations and reflections along the inner path.)

 Introducing students to a modern interpretation of an ancient oracle…

w/ Kim Young

Thursday, April 30th


at The Temple Love Yoga Sanctuary

 There is no difficulty in life that is too mundane for the I Ching – financial needs, relationships, creativity, health problems,etc. These matters are one’s potential inner teachers. Throughout the learning process, the search for one’s treasure chest of inner truth or destiny can be uncovered from within.

This is a method based on the book I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way, by authors Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog. They have for decades been pioneering new pathways in the field of quantum psychology and consciousness research that has provided extraordinary and practical insights into the restorative potential of the human mind and body. (More about their work can be found at

 Everyone possesses certain truths and the purpose of the I Ching is to assist in discovering an easier way to exist according to them.  This workshop will help students understand this phenomenal exploration of consciousness and the I Ching. Developing trust in one’s intuitive strengths will demonstrate the transformative potential of self-knowledge and our innate healing abilities. Join us for this fascinating learning experience!

Cost: $30

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