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How is it we see others? And how and when do we feel seen? How we attend to the world, is sometimes how the world will reflect itself back to us. What responses arise from our body/mind in dynamic with another? Can we become more curious to what our system is sensing from both the inner world and the outside environment to weave a presence into our experience. 

Ask yourself these questions and see what sensations arise in your body, or what images or thoughts percolate if at all.

How often do we sit with another in presence? 

What is it like in our body to feel heard or to listen without an agenda to be fixed or to fix? 

Do we comprehend in an embodied way being held and listened to as we show up or to be in the role of holding and listening? 

What does it mean to feel relative safety when sharing emotions or pain or longing, even if that doesn’t come with words? 

Do we have experiences of being vulnerable with another and we are okay? 

What ways have we learned to stuff what is arising when we are with others?

Do we judge others for their ways of being with their inner-world. 

Pause. Breathe. What is arising? Is there judgment of yourself, or these inquiries? Is there emotion? Are you aware of any particular areas in your physical structure? Did any of these questions register? Did you answer with words or some other way?

Here is an invitation to become more comfortable with discomfort, to learn to be able to sit with our own shadows and cobwebs, and recognize them as part of the eco-system we live in. These parts of us developed somewhere and are meant to be honored and met. We will take in another as we have learned to take in, as we were received. Are there past learnings that we might start to witness in how they reveal themselves in our current paradigm? What adaptations do we carry from our childhoods, our society, our lineage that may be creating further distance between us and our true selves, or meeting another?

Listening is done with our ears, and our eyes, and it is all about you, our full attention from the heart. How does that feel? It might feel satiating, and it also might feel terrifying for some of us. Could we provide that for another? Would we be open to receiving this regard? Might we stay curious to where we may need to be seen or what parts of us are ready for this kind of care.

Stay curious…..

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