By Appointment

I work with clients through a lens of interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory and research, relational/development trauma, with much curiosity, compassion, and kindness. My commitment is for bringing both safety and making space for enough discomfort/vulnerability into the room so that we can bring about embodied change, healing after trauma, shed outdated layers of inhibition and conformity, and cultivate more empowerment and resiliency.

I have a belief that what brings us into a therapeutic container is what at the core of us is just right, versus what’s wrong. We have a knowing that it is time to remove what is not our truth, nor our birthright and are often in exploration of what is true for us in our culture of love and being. Practitioner and client(s) work together in a power-with model, to understand the essence of biological rhythms and interventions suited to an individual/couple where they are at a given time. While I do believe we share similarities as human beings, I also understand that growth and healing will look different for each of us, and that we must have a consideration of organizational, and cultural scales of influence along with the interpersonal realm in our explorations.

I work with clients towards embodied change through integrative methods including the gentle hands on work of cranialsacral therapy, holistic biomechanics, trauma recovery work, psychoeducation of the brain and somatic practices for making shifts to update our physical and subtle body into the present moment. I live with the belief in the intelligence of a system’s workings and that our conscious and unconscious choices to survive are always at the forefront of our patterns. Our work in a therapeutic environment is to become more aware of when those patterns for survival are operating out of past experience and what was once a brilliant adaptation has now become an impairment to our more optimal well being. In a co-created space we have the opportunity to interrupt old patterns, shed outdates stances, and explore the stories we have told ourselves and where they come from and how they affect our relationships and well being. We have the opportunity for growth, to learn new regulation skills, and cultivate healthy patterns.