By Appointment

Sweet Beloved-

Your willingness to sit calmly through a bar-room brawl
And your courage to be wild when the madness seems unforgiving
is giving me a glimpse of God.

Precious Soul, the practice you offer
of being most kind
is like a salve from the azure skies.

I think not of you
as a winged creature, nor a woodland sprite
or an invincible being from another realm.

The nature you reveal is of a heart
that has awoken to the wisdom
that love heals affliction.

Your magnitude
to become bigger than my every storm,
and quieter than my every whisper
and softer or stronger to balance
my every ingenious maneuver
is impeccable.

It’s as if you trained with a great tsunami
and the most gentle warrior that hums
beneath the great sun
to continually reveal a familiar.

It is this place
that I may bow fully
to this life.

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