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New Moon Gathering

Mindful Yoga Central


Friday, August 14th

bhakti priti mala candan
tumi nio he nio citta-nandan

 Devotion, love, flower garlands, and sandalwood- please accept them, O Delighter of the Heart!

-Mama mana mandire

Join Michelle for an evening of ritual, and offerings. In celebration of the auspicious time of new moon we gather for connection, support, and a return to the fresh start that comes with cycles.

Like the sweet repetition that comes with the spinning of mala, may we create a garland of blessings for the divine within ourselves, and each other with a ceremony of movement, mantra, meditation and ordinary magic that is delightful for all of the senses.

As part of our offering we will create an altar. Please bring any beads, flowers, deities, fruit or anything that is a connection to the divine (Mother Earth, your beloveds, Spirit) for you.

Please eat lightly before we gather so you are nourished. We will have small delights as part of our garland.