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Anger of the bitter, bristling, exasperated, indignant type.




wrathful, or



Experiencing the ripe opportunity to sit in my hot blood like a warrior able to meet the fires of purification. There will be rites of passage, thresholds of initiation, ceremonies of consecration if one is to rise above her small separate self and find the revivification of Spirit.

I will practice saying thank-you.

Life offers teachings on the path of growing up our smaller self. She mirrors our intricate ways of self-abandonment through the eyes of another so we can heal. This reflection is found in the hearts, in the arms, in the eyes of our sisters, and our brothers.

I will practice saying thank you.

Disappointment of the mistaken, discouraged, inefficient type.


a disaster,

a calamity,

or a misfortune.

Under anger is a residual layer of felt experience stemming from constructs of what things ought to look like, feel like, present like. Strong flames offer her aid in burning through the illusory veils of expectations and projections.

I will practice saying thank-you.

A newfound discovery of flames within. Pure energy without adulteration prevents sogginess, or an overbearing heaviness of Earth leading to a depressed state. Relaxing into the pyre that will ultimately become sacred ash.

I will practice saying thank-you.

Acceptance of the recognition, okay, receiving type.




taking on,

or YES!

Discerning what is most genuine in an inevitable process of regeneration. Recognizing truth, at times painful, slow growth. Honoring the cycles required for a whole system.

I will practice saying thank-you.

Resting in a place of one’s duty on a wakeful path versus falling prey to victimhood or endurance in vain. Sustenance comes from skillful action, or in the least drinking from the well of wisdom.

I will practice saying thank-you.

Joy of the alleviating, comforting, treasured type.




or indulgent.

On the other side of a pain so deep a relief can be found with new eyes. An ache can be soothed with a balm of perspective. A practice of meeting intensity with less reactivity breeds a coolness of the mind.

I will practice saying thank-you.

Self perpetuated anguish of an ego wanting to be acknowledged, attended to, perceived as good enough. Lessons found in the letting go of seeking this knowing from the outside. Intrinsically okay with each breath, each gift, and with the gracious whispers of kindness.


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