By Appointment

The sun on my face

A tiny Buddha laughing

Nature becomes me


  Nearby are my friends

Javalina and the cats

Nothing I must speak


My eyes become wells

The slow turning brings the sound

That delights my heart


 Sweet breeze enlivens

Another simple hearing

And I can exhale


There is a stillness

That only I can welcome

When attending now


The grasses quiver

Teacher of perfect movement

Somehow I can learn


Repetition comes

Waiting offers what will be

Maybe quite perfect


A desert canyon

Big enough to cradle me

Her life and her death


Eternal choir

Permissive to my dear soul

No separation


Shapes of creation

Blended with sublime color

Depths I will allow


Intimacy found

Without shedding a single tear

A wish coming true


A remembering

Of what is truth and safety

My evolution

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