By Appointment

Chakra Vinyasa workshop at Mindful Yoga Studio of Tucson

Sunday, Sept 30, 9 AM–noon

Experience an integrative approach to the chakra system and the elemental and energetic principles that correspond within vinyasa and the flow of life, freeing the prana to travel through the whole body. This morning sadhana will support the grounding of your first chakra and rise through the core to the infinite consciousness of the crown. There will be an overview of chakra philosophy, and sequences that work to enliven the seven sacred centers by integrating asana, chanting, mediation and pranayama. Whether you are new to this system or are seasoned with the centers within the subtle energy body, this practice is a personal gateway to continued self-discovery. Each student will have the opportunity to center into deeper relationship with self, patterns of behavior in body, heart, mind and spirit.

Making Your Practice Personal/Spice Up Your Sequencing at Mindful Yoga Studio of Tucson

Saturday, Oct 13 1PM-4PM

In this group class we will begin the foundational work of creating a personal home practice and cultivating sequences to meet your physical and energetic needs. We will workshop how to begin structuring your yoga practice and create sequences to develop overall balance for your unique needs. The class will cover the benefits of self-practices, support how to perform them and what is important to keep in mind upon doing so. In the creation of your own practices you will have the opportunity to learn much about yourself and become more attuned to your seasons and cycles. The afternoon will be an exploratory journey, and an inspiration to fall more deeply in love in dedication to your SELF! This class is more suitable for those who have at least one year of supported practice with a teacher.

Taking Your Practice Deeper: Yoga Group Process for Women at Mindful Yoga Studio Tucson

Tuesdays October 23, 30, November 6, 13

6-8:30 pm

This 4-week series will involve facilitated practices of body/mind integration, with an emphasis on individual self-awareness regarding your tendencies of body/mind states. To know this inner wisdom we must quiet our mental chatter and free our energetic and physical body from its entanglements and obstructions. Come prepared to move for an hour of Yoga asana – yin and yang sequences, breath work and meditation, followed by 90 minutes of group processing as we become curious about what arises while on the yoga mat. Groups offer a unique environment to expand compassion and a deepened sense of universality, while offering the opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself. This group is being offered as a tool for deepening your personal evolution. To create a supportive, non-judgmental environment, space is limited and group participants will be selected through an initial interview.

Costa Rica Retreat  December 1-8th, 2012 at Pranamar Villas

Yoga Therapy: Transforming darkness into light, while extracting the wisdom, vitality and love!

In this free, live and special presentation, we will explore the inner yogas and the power of appropriate personal practices to help you

-increase energy, restore balance, and wake up to your highest potential

-radically fall in love with what you’ve got and own your amazing

-transform stress and fear and stagnation, into vitality, light and love

-feel beautiful from within

This offering by Michelle Marks, MA, LAC, will be held at Mindful Yoga Studio, 1101 N. Wilmot Road, Suite 123

Tuesday, January 8th at 6pm

January 2013: Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Mindful Yoga Studio Tucson

This 30-hour training is designed for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the quiet practice of Yin Yoga and for Yoga teachers who wish to understand and integrate Yin Yoga into their teaching.
Thursdays, Jan. 10, 17, 24, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Sundays, Jan. 13, 20, 27, 9:00-12:00, 1-4 p.m.

The Good Squeeze

For those of us who NEVER knew how incredibly strong we really were. Nor how much we could possibly love………..

A talk for parents of children with exceptional needs on how to extract the wisdom, vitality, and love from the seemingly impossible places in our lives. In this free, live and special presentation:

  • learn how to accept, and grow from the often overwhelming responsibilities

  • discover stress reducing techniques that will positively affect your life, and support you in dealing with the burn-out that can happen for even the most loving parents

  • feel supported in creating and committing to practices that lead to greater self-care, personal empowerment, joy/ health-full living, and deeper intimacy with others

Michelle Marks, M.A., and a mama/care-taker of a child with extreme special needs, has been sharing what she loves since 2001, offering experiential practices of the body, mind, and spirit. With a commitment to personal and collective evolution, she dedicates herself to living yoga as a universal path to wake up to all aspects of ourselves, and to our highest potential.

This offering will be held on Tuesday, February 19th at 6:30pm at Children’s Clinics in the Square and Compass Building, 2600 North Wyatt Drive. Flo Manning Conference Center

Temple Love Yoga’s

Love Yourself Amazing, Mexico Family Style Retreat

April 5 – 7th, 2013

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

In this weekend retreat we will have the opportunity to reboot ourselves with sunshine, love, great food, and practices to bring us back to living with shakti!


Project 108: Yoga Stops Traffic

May 18th, 2013 6am East Side of Himmel Park

Bring Mat, Water, and Sponsors

Practice 108 Sun salutations for World Peace  Benefit to help stop human trafficking, child exploitation, and sexual violence locally with and globally with

I am raising funds specifically for Tucson’s “Camp Born This Way” which provides a safe and sacred experience for gender creative and transgender youth, ages 5 -12 and their families. Camp Born This Way is a four-day, three-night residential camp experience held in southern Arizona.This Camp was a dream for the mom of a gender creative “princess boy”, imagined over a year ago. The first camp took place last year and we are hoping to raise enough to hold camp again this Labor Day Weekend. This opportunity allows gender-creative, transgender and questioning youth, along with their families, an opportunity to experience a weekend free from bullying, harassment and judgment. Additionally, this camp seeks to strengthen the support networks available to these families beyond this one magical weekend.

A 2011 National School Climate Survey conducted by GLSEN of 7,856 middle and high school students, found that nearly 9 out of 10 LGBT students experienced harassment at school in the past year and nearly two-thirds felt unsafe because of their sexual orientation or gender expression.  Camp Born This Way seeks to give parents the tools to support their children, while simultaneously giving the children an opportunity to spend time with others who are just like them, which helps them feel less alone in the world.  The kids feels free to “be who they are”, dancing, wearing dressup, putting on fashion shows and also just having regular camp experiences like hiking, swimming, and nightly campfires.

 Please donate with your energy, your Spirit and your funds however you can. Download a sponsor sheet here, or come on by the Shala for a yoga class and drop your donations off to me as I work to raise money for our local community.

More info can be found on Facebook at Project 108, or at

-Free Yoga Class/Lecture on Whole Being Nourishment at Whole Foods (River/Craycroft)

Saturday, May 18th 2013   3pm

Temple Love Yoga has a mission: empowering people to return to practices of radical loving self-care and joy-full living and taking that to promote well-being, and social change in the world.
People will walk away from this sweet gathering with more inner and outer resources for living optimally and integrally at the level of body, mind, and Spirit.  They will have the opportunity to learn how to increase their energy, restore balance, and wake up to their amazing.  They will learn about and be reminded of tools for transforming stress and fear and stagnation into vitality, light and love.
Please RSVP to

-Summer Solstice Celebration at Mindful Yoga, Tucson

Friday June 21
Come to celebrate the light within as the cycle brings the Earth around the sun once again.  We will welcome the summer season with a joyful evening of tending to the fires of our hearts leading to vitality and our inner shimmer.  Our sacred transition will include a candle-lit yin and a vinyasa flow practice, chanting, meditation, and inquiry, all in the spirit of enlivening our creative, soulful spirits. Caring for our physical and energetic bodies with the recognition that it is essential to our mental/heart health is a brilliant way to shift into a new season feeling alive.

July 12th -14th, 2013  Puerto Penasco, Mexico

In this weekend retreat we will have the opportunity to reboot ourselves with sunshine, love, great food, and practices to bring us back to living with shakti!


August 17th, 5-8pm

Temple Love will celebrate one year at The Movement Shala! Come for a sweet liquid vinyasa flow class, with live music by Vicki Brown, followed by more music, and seasonal celebratory ayurvedic delectables! This will be a donation based event.


Yin-timacy. An opportunity to deepen your personal practice. Map-making for staying in the flow of your life.

Led by Michelle Marks
Sunday, Sept. 22, 9am-3pm
at Mindful Yoga Tucson
This beautiful gathering will give you an opportunity to courageously sit with yourself and connect with others. We welcome fall and a natural time of transition with the intention of creating space in our lives by befriending our emotions and exploring our ability to communicate, express and speak our truth. This integrative day-long retreat will honor the season and the elements with a morning of yin and yang sequencing, meditation, pranayama and chanting. Our afternoon will include meditation, journaling and partner work. It is recommended that participants have a working knowledge of their bodies and the ability to be in an intimate group setting.Participants will leave with a renewed commitment to flowing with strength and ease along your unique path. We will leave inspired to cultivate practices of radical, loving self-care, leading to greater physical and emotional balance. Participants will also have the day to connect intimately with themselves leading to more confidence in relationships.


Day of Mindfulness

True Joy:  Mudita

Saturday, October 19th, 2013
at The Movement Shala

Our Day of Mindfulness this time around will offer practices and teachings that encourage our heart to open to the joys of others as our joy. Mudita, often called “sympathetic joy,” is simply the ability to feel and share in the joy of others. If we can do this, we increase the opportunities to be joyful, rather than being caught in our own self-centered vacuum. I am honored to join Frank Jude Boccio in this daylong retreat as we engage in asana, meditation and deep relaxation, sensitizing ourselves to the joy that is available in our lives now, even now, just as they are.

Desert Dance and Ritual- A Goddess Collective

A sweet opportunity to celebrate life and connect with yourself and a circle of women in this afternoon experience of movement and nourishment in the desert. Akasha Healing Arts and Temple Love Yoga are joining our passions to offer JourneyDance, time in the desert, wholesome snacks, and yin yoga and meditation.  Our sacred collective will share in expansive space to move, sit, feel, desire, shed, speak, tend to fire, vision and enjoy!  Joanna and Michelle are delighted to offer an intimate gathering near Saguaro National Monument East that will revitalize your mind, body, and Spirit personally and collectively.

More details/registration HERE!

Spirit of Renewal

Candlelit Lunar Flow

Saturday March 15th 4-7pm at Tucson Yoga

Yin Yoga and Meditation for Women

Sunday June 8th 4-6pm $18

Share in a two hour practice of going within surrounded by a community of women.  This practice is designed to meet and support you exactly where you are in the practices of movement, meditation, self-acceptance, and appreciation for the phase of life you are flowing through.  Yin yoga offers the practitioner the opportunity to soften into  edges, physically, and on the more subtle plane.  This class will give you a container to tend to your inner world, stimulating your connective tissue system and to receive all of the benefits that come with taking a moment for a conscious, sacred pause.  Details/Registration

Summer Solstice Mexico Retreat

Puerto Penasco

June 19th-June 22nd, 2014


Please join in celebration of the sweet summertime at Tucson Yoga.  We will gather for a sacred New Moon mandala of community with movement, meditation, beauty, and connection.  This event will include an hour long community practice followed by a dessert pot-luck.  Please bring a treat if you would like to make a gracious offering to the collective as we munch and visit and imbibe in joy-full shared space .

Yin Yoga and Meditation for Women

Sunday July 20th 4-6pm $18

As the summer months continue, it is the perfect time to slow down, gather with yourself and a collective of women to tonify our feminine essence!

Share in a two hour practice of going within surrounded by a community of women.  This practice is designed to meet and support you exactly where you are in the practices of movement, meditation, self-acceptance, and appreciation for the phase of life you are flowing through.  Yin yoga offers the practitioner the opportunity to soften into  edges, physically, and on the more subtle plane.  This class will give you a container to tend to your inner world, stimulating your connective tissue system and to receive all of the benefits that come with taking a moment for a conscious, sacred pause.  Register here.

Women’s Autumn Retreat

This Retreat is FULL!

Saturday, September 27th, 2014




Gradual Unfolding – Practice and Process

Workshop:  2-4pm at Tucson Yoga

Movement, meditation, facilitated dialogue.

Free Talk:  4:30-5:30 at Tucson Yoga

Authentic Connection/Yoga of Relationship


Both the workshop and the talk are open to everyone! We are all in relationship with self, with life, with other.   Come as you are, by yourself, with a friend, or with your beloved. You are welcome!


FUNdraiser! A Practice of Love.

*Proceeds to benefit Camp Born This Way 2015

Gender Creative and Transgender Youth Camp for Ages 5-12 and their families

Saturday, March 21st

9-10:30am A celebration for Freedom!

Tucson Yoga


I Ching School with Kim Young

Thursday, April 30th 5:30-8:30

at The Temple Love Yoga Sanctuary



New Moon Garland – A gathering for Women

An evening of ritual and offerings

Friday August 14th



Grand Canyon Rafting/Hiking and Yoga Retreat

August 2015


Taking Your Practice Deeper: Yoga Group Process for Women 

4 Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

October 7th-October 28th

at The Temple Love Yoga Sanctuary



Bhakti Yoga Immersion

Saturday October 24th – Sunday October 25th

at Tucson Yoga


Exploring Bhakti Yoga

Tucson Yoga

Sunday, January 31st

9am – 5pm



REUNION – Women’s Autumnal Equinox – It is Possible – Retreat

w/ Chrysta Faye/Alchemy and Michelle Marks/Temple Love Yoga

9/22 – 9/25 2016

Aravaipa Canyon Lodge


Sanctuary Within

Spring Ceremony

Friday March 17th, 6:30-8:30pm

With the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere there is a call to awaken what is FRESH and ALIVE. This is an offering to gather with the turn of a season that brings us towards birth and beauty. Collectively throughout the world this is a time of hope and brightness. In this spirit of celebration with community, Michelle and Vicki are teaming up once again to share their poetry through movement, meditation and music. Please join them for an opportunity to recognize the gifts of organic change and settle into a space of connection in a melodic space that provides you with the pause to set the intentions and renewal of a path to sacred humanness.

Michelle will lead a spring yoga sequence while Vicki fills the room and our hearts with the vibrations of her violin strings.


Free Your Booty

Explore the basic anatomy of the hips, pelvis, and booty. Move into sequences to create range of motion in the hips, help relieve low back pain, and allow for greater flexibility in the lower body.

Sunday, July 16th


Tucson Yoga