By Appointment

There is no reprieve in hurting back.

Rejecting the pattern that could become me.

No need for false refuge

of abandoning one’s own heart.

Resourced and powerful,

fueled by source and Earth,

and reverence for all who have committed

to the practices of deep letting go.

A student of devotion

willing to live 1,000 lifetimes with her prayers ceaseless.

Through fire and seasons changing

without regret.

Not needing to be a goddess

or a warrior.

A simple human wanting to change

a dynamic of unnecessary suffering.

Maybe there is a place where acceptance

breeds a moment of cosmic rest.

Chaos will ensue and still, maybe

it can all feel more perfect without reaching or denying.

Having already visited a personal hell of wanting a life to end

from the vantage point of a cold tile floor,

I make a different choice.

I head to another place I know.

There is a welcoming place of kindness.

Integrating two decades steeped in compassion and surrender.

Sensing the moon whispers of fullness

that returns only in the beautiful dark.

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