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Get unstuck.  Get clear.  Get what you want.

Are you ready to show up for your life?  To take the leap to living with more JOY and a greater sense of ALIVENESS? Are you ready to have the inner and outer resources to meet what shows up in your life with grace, and integrity? Learn how to lean into your life with more confidence in your ability to turn the unexpected into wisdom, and to meet your emotional challenges courageously.  Make the commitment to a life of radical self-love!

Contact Michelle to learn more about Temple Love programs for deepening your practice:

Transformation – 90 day experience

The Ultimate Practice:  Cultivating your inner temple to further your personal evolution so that you can transform stress, and self-imposed limitations into intimacy, joy, vitality, and spiritual health.  Live the life that feels radically authentic and full of grace!

Ritual/Body Love – 1/2 Day experience

Re-Boot your self care with a day of bliss and attention to your whole well being as a jumpstart to living with more vitality, and personal alignment.