By Appointment

Saturday April 30th 3-5pm

Join us for a virtual class exploring modern day practices for understanding and befriending our neurobiology, and the influence this will have on our relationships.

We are relational beings designed for connection, and yet many of us struggle in the daily experience of relating to other (lovers, friends, our children, parents). This experiential and informative class will be an introduction to looking at our patterns that may keep us from getting the thing we want- more intimacy. Class will include lecture, experiential practices, skills for more relational mindfulness, and discussion.

We may know all the theory and concepts and even ideals of what it means to be in relationship, but that does not mean we have the internal organization for a more quality engagement. Participants will come away with practical and subtle life centric tools to utilize in their daily lives. Just showing up has the potential to lead to more fulfillment in cultivating more emotional connection with self and other.

This offering is available to anyone that wants to explore more about the realm of relationship. Most of us have spent much of life studying what to do and how to be, yet relationship skills have been left out of the curriculum. Come as you are. You are welcome to attend with your beautiful self, or with a friend, or a partner.

What you need to know: Come and prepare to be comfortable. I offer live classes because I really appreciate the relational field, so if you can have your video on- we’d love to see you. You will be muted unless sharing so don’t stress about family or dogs in the background. Feel free to have a notebook for notes or to just listen and have an experience.

Payment scale of $25-$50. Please make a payment that is best for you. *Title your payment “relational living”.

You will receive a confirmation of payment and a virtual link the week of our class.

Zelle: #520-990-0696

Venmo: Michelle-Marks-19


Please reach out with any questions.