By Appointment

Amplified softness witnessing two women in love. Simultaneous delight by their duplicate perfection in the form of exquisitely placed moles.  Thus, they are not only wed in love, but married in their benign growths of marked beauty.

Tender tears from the apologetic eyes of the good enough father in his heavy boots, who lost a son. Devotion to Jesus and science and making busy because death ought not be acknowledged.  Holding reverence without complete understanding.

Blue penetrating gaze of the woman who would hold my own child’s life in her hands for just a short while. A kinship with the sensitivity of a belief in endings as much as beginnings. A value does not negate the desperation of the heart to choose more time, despite it all.

Encounter in which my ears were privy to what my eyes and hands were not. A recount of pain.  An exhale, and a necessary letting go, though not of the prayer for ease of other.  Dragons still sleep, as a being may or may not transmute.

Courage offered and I bow down. The sisters who hold their hearts and not so simply do their life’s work. The sweet youngest sibling who sews, and uses her hands, and keeps opening to trust.  The man who is able to speak love though has no memory of it as an offering heard.

There is the one who I know as Beloved. In bones and spirit and laughter my circle expands. Gracious witnessing of one who presents a most marvelous small tent extravaganza. The one you might mistake if you didn’t follow the path of grace, and colors more precious and rare.

Gentle knowing of kindness often passed over. A competition with intensity can pale gentleness and her excellence.  Depths of sustenance provided from the organ of benefaction and learning rawness as a curative means.  Plentitude avails with this form of intentful listening.

How is it we greet the canyon that lends to all that is simultaneously familiar and foreign? The place of wildness, quiet, temperatures boiling our insides, eruption of conditions, spills, stupors, allowance and forgiveness.

Alighted landscapes reveal across the chasm. Internal map bountifully woven with facets of complexity made more coherent from the journey.  Shaped by that capacity of in between, a pleasure and a newfound orientation is unveiled.

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