By Appointment

I choose to believe in divinity.

And I choose a practice of seeing grace in the faces of humankind.

In this moment I recognize the power of this vulnerable choice.


A reflection of this seeing in the man I say YES to.

Surrender of layers long worn, dissolution of armor

as one human holds another with both strength and incredible gentleness.


Fear so delicately woven into tissues

placed perfectly to create stories,

and lifetimes and perpetuation of separateness.


It is in hands pulsing with sacred heart,

relinquishing labels or merit,

that I can forgive the doubt of my own desires.


Being heard by ears that listen

allows the pain of tales to flow

with Nature’s perfect sequence.


This sensational body of energy, of elements

can often be found brawling,

resisting with bared teeth and wild hair.


Yet sometimes you will find me whirling

with Holiness when I have been touched just so

and there is nothing more to fight about.

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