By Appointment

My head has often tried to renegotiate what my inner source speaks.

Big heart always wanting to lead the way.

And ultimately, I am learning that my body does not tell lies.


Denial in my life is the rejection of my body speak.

Woman body, Girl body, Earth body must be heard.

I am Nature herself, and she is mighty.


Of course there has been fear.

I just did not know how much.

I have rested and resourced from the womb of the feminine.


Blame dissolves from this vantage point.

Aliveness runs through this awakened form.

Understanding of the disavowed parts now reclaimed.


Fountainhead within each moment I commit.

Revival gathered from true sisterhood.

No other can be my change, only my reflection.


Woman body, Mother body, Daughter body must be heard.

Releasing the contractions in this form.

Courage to discern truth from the lies within my own conceit.


This is not a quiet honoring.

Vibrations are my emboldened action.

Rejecting my most aligned Self no more.

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