By Appointment

I am learning how to cry alone better.

Growing a capacity to be moved by life.

Spirited cells, bones, limbs.

Flight of soulful desperation.


Circular revelations as sound breaks the barriers between hearts.


Lightning a compelling standard of beauty.

Natural occurring charges releasing flashes brilliant.


Organicity of seeing through lenses that have the potential to perceive gold.


Lips that speak love and harmony and lashes that simultaneously flirt with the inevitable chaos.


Directions of medicine guarding the exquisiteness of all that’s real.

What’s real?


Terrain of mountain, high and low, desert, forests – tropical, temperate, boreal.

Curves of differing topography all to be explored.

All born from the same cosmic aliveness.

Bodies of water of this Earth we are.

Wet and wondrous we are.


Striking, vivid, painted, subtle, efforted expressions.

All charms allure when becoming from the pure creative force that is all things sexy.

Beautiful passings of time sensing delicacies of person(s), place (s), or thing(s)- from the tiniest atom to the collective formation of matter.

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