By Appointment

Oh, I forgot to look deeply in my beloved’s eyes this morning.

I did listen to the early bird’s choir.

And I was graced with perfect air kissing my temple;

this body I know as home.

A wave came and she receded back to her expanse,

just like that.

I dreamt I was frozen,

unable to attend to my life and my little ones.

The desire to be held and healed overcame all else.

Sometimes, I lean into that longing.

For a moment, maybe more.

And more often than before there is kindness for that scared, small self.

A found courage to stay with what hurts

seems to be becoming a superpower of sorts.

A waking up to pain that keeps offering itself.

I can continue to breathe, and inquire.

There appears to be yet another message

that carries more freedom than I believed possible,

just a second before.

True love does that.

Chipping away at armor,

opening doors to cast light.

My prayer is to remember to gaze

from my soul into the source of illumination.

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