By Appointment

Taking Your Practice Deeper: Awakening to Embodied Intimacy

4 Thursdays 6:30-8:00p

September 26th, October 3rd, 10th, 17th at the Temple Love Yoga Sanctuary

This 4-week series will involve facilitated practices of body/mind integration, with an emphasis on individual self-awareness regarding your tendencies of body/mind states. To know this inner wisdom we must quiet our mental chatter and free our energetic and physical body from its entanglements and obstructions. Come prepared to move with comfort for gentle practice of living in our physical form, to receive support of plant medicines by way of teas and tinctures, and essential oils and connect to your breath and sit for meditation/orientation so that we may be present, open and awake as we share in group.  We will follow our arriving and centering with becoming curious about what is arising in our practices.  Groups offer a unique environment to expand compassion and a deepened sense of universality, while offering the opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself, and how you relate to others. This group is being offered as a tool for deepening your personal evolution and waking up to inter-connectedness.  Our time will be process-oriented, meaning the focus of the group will be in the “here and now”.  Group energy offers a unique opportunity to receive and be seen by many women, and receive support with simple presence.  Come prepared to be authentically yourself, water the seeds of your own path and practice, get more intimate with what is important to you, and be in the beauty and upliftment of other women!  To create a safe, non-judgmental environment, space is limited and group participants will need to share in a short interview to be certain this series is a good fit. Open to women and those who identify as women.

Sliding Scale: $60-$100 for series