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“You are a magical unicorn yoga goddess! I feel so empowered after our one-on-one session. Thank you for your guidance and support.” -Kristen Nelson

As a health coach and one who mentors others, I’ve read in more than one place about the importance of people in my profession having their own mentor. At every step along the way, it has been important to have someone to serve as a witness, and offer an objective point of view. I found this in Michelle and Temple Love Yoga. Michelle is masterful at “coaching the coach”. Well-aware of my no-nonsense advice-seeking, she gets right to the point, which is just what I need to break through my barriers. Spending time with her each month is the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business. If you’re looking to develop the courage to step into your own power and really shine, if you want to learn to set aside the self-sabotage and trade it in for self-love, if you want to get to the root of what is preventing you from blossoming, look no further. Your mind and body are sure to be in sync after working with Michelle. I am grateful for the time I have shared and continue to share with such an open, authentic human being. -Mel Mason

Michelle is a friend, teacher, colleague, and heart guide for myself and many others. Her fierce grace and deep dedication to personal evolution is an inspiration to find your own light within, something the world needs more and more of! – Elizabeth Anable

Michelle Marks has helped me reach a level of health and happiness that I haven’t known since I was a child.  I am so grateful for her guidance and I will continue to rely on her as a resource for as long as she’s available doing the transformational work that she does. -Katie Edwards

There is a wizard-goddess-guru-friend-mother-healer-buoyant, radiant soul right here in Tucson who is ready to work her integrative magic on your body-mind-spirit (and that of your beloved). -Audra Vilaly

Michelle Mark’s Costa Rica Yoga retreat was an experience that touched the depths of my soul. Michelle created and held a space for us to express ourselves and to celebrate and honor the union of our body, minds, and spirits. Michelle was our light. She was our guide. She touched, mentored, and loved each of her students throughout the retreat.The introspection inspired by her wise words and meaningful practice allowed me to become closer to myself. -Jason Olague

Michelle embodies exuberance and awe as she offers her gift of invitation to move deeper into implicit experience and knowing.  -Camille D.

It has been my blessing and joy to call Michelle friend, colleague, instructor and mentor. I worked with Michelle as a Massage Therapist in Philadelphia, and was lovingly reminded of my patience, acceptance, determination and inner balance as her Yoga student at a time when I needed it most.
Michelle brings her love and passion of life as well as an innate beauty, kindness, sensitivity and grace to each moment she exists. It is both an honor and a gift to have been touched by her unique and unyielding, seemingly effortless sense of dignity, compassion and elegance. I truly know that the world is a better place with her in it, through her mission to help remind, fortify and empower all whom she touches with her unwavering guidance, wisdom and optimism. Michelle is the embodiment of pure love and evokes a timeless beauty which few have been able to achieve or embrace. -Beth Kellner

Michelle’s radiant spirit shines on and off the mat. I’ve been lucky enough to take many classes and a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Michelle. What keeps me coming back to her classes is her deep love and knowledge of yoga (asana and beyond), her sense of humor and openness, and her singular ability to generate a fun and nurturing space for others to embark on their own sacred journeys. -Claire S.

When I first started going to her classes, Michelle’s self presentation as a teacher signaled to me that she was very in-tune with herself. She is able to extract from her own personal experiences meaningful teachings that apply to all of us. She is smart, caring, and connected with the others around her.
Since that moment, I have known Michelle’s beautiful spirit in both yoga teacher and yoga-process group guiding capacities. She brings softness, power and care, benevolence and a warrior spirit, to all of her professional practices; creating gentle spaces for clients, where emotional release is safe and deep self-expression is essential to moving forward. -Lauren Z.

I love Michelle’s teaching. Here’s why:
Her passion for living. Her knowledge of anatomy and alignment. Her verbal and emotional ability to lucidly connect practice in the studio with everyday life. Her creative sequencing of asanas. Every class is different, and the rhythm and flow feel just right each time. Her talent for both subtlety and boldness. -Joanna Frueh

My wife and I first met Michelle over 8 years ago when we were looking for a private yoga instructor. We had tried several group classes and private instructors and none seem to meet our needs. After our first private class with Michelle we knew that we had finally found a really knowledgeable yoga instructor who was attuned to our particular body needs. Her holistic approach to yoga and how it translated into our daily activity has significantly helped our mental and physical wellbeing in every aspect of our life.
-John and Jill Weiss

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