By Appointment

Burdens sit upon these shoulders, holding repressed invocations in my jaw.
My spine becomes rigid, my sacrum weak.
Weaving tales of aloneness and the void of God turns to the void of Self.

There is freedom in my pelvis, and fluid in my arms.
My tender organ grows big, and leads me to unhesitating rhythms.
I become everything, and breath returns me to the embrace of the Beloved.

Gripping fear paralyzes my lungs.
Restriction in my diaphragm leaves me gasping.
How could that which I love abandon me?

Waves of ecstasy lift me to an opening in the heavens.
Tears shed as I let go more.
Resurrection of friendly ghosts show me how to make my wings soar.

I become tired, and with doubt.
Darkness pervades and I am small.
No jewels when I am naked, not even recalling the name of the Lord.

Hands on this mortal flesh awaken the purest of desires.
Visions become majestic, as lovers unite.
Reverence for all forms is like another cycle of breath.

Illusory passings churn devotion into overwhelm.
False intimacy repels my offerings.
How could I ever embrace the scent of chaos?

Sandalwood entices pilgrimage home to praising and twirling.
Blooming flowers seduce my pride.
Cosmic order resides.

Flavors of envy conceal the full moon.
Surrender becomes an impossibility when I forget prayer.
Power is a fire unquenchable.

Until the delight of pure Love brings me home.
The initiations will continue until I learn the poisons of my separation.
I bow to the dance that shall be this life.

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