By Appointment

We missed the snow fall
due to already having fallen into
a drunken stupor of worship and fullness.

Awoke to the sweet burn of a sentiment
I could only swallow.
Ingest and pause to feel the affect
of the medication of

A forever kind of love.
Journey from beyond this time.
I will not effort to try to remember.

Simple acceptance of my pulse
and the blood that has been returning
to you since I awoke from a slumber.

This heart has missed a few cycles as
she was tucked deep in a hollow.
A she-bear’s eternal winter.

For so long, the delusion of waking
was only a trickery
of what is actually whole
and contented.

The beloved has always held me.
In the arms of another I now recognize
the magnitude of the softest strength.

A brilliant prayer might be
to know you in all I see.
To become familiar that each flurry
that passes is an offering of reverence
for all that is so exquisite.

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