By Appointment

Supported to interrupt conditioning
of separation.
There is often fear.
There is often resistance.

And there is the nectar of Kali
that has fed my heart.
She held me so close.
Nursed me from her own breast.

Nourished me with the strength
I am choosing to return to.
The capacity to leave the armor
of defense on the battlefield.

To recognize the death of ego all around.
It is not time for me to drink blood, but to receive
the momentary clearing of Earthly binds
so that I may know safety in this open Heart.

This morning, I choose.
This breath transforms not love into love.
An edge shows where expansion
becomes a possibility.

I lay with the beloved in all forms.
I taste the ambrosia of forgiveness,
a medicine ingested
from time to time.

I have been cradled
most tenderly,
but not without a storm.
So that I might remember my truest form.

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