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Time is a concept, and still an experience. 
In my eagerness, a great many treasures found with time have gone without a true home.
Without a refuge, there is no landing, nor place to dwell.

Gifted wisdom of a time can only surely be felt through an elemental body.
Knowing, without bowing at the floor of this abode left me bereft and reaching.
The ache of a literal impossibility of touching.

Dreamtime offers a slowing down. 
A look back, from a body that is here now, as a form of time travel.
Portal into faces and places truer than before a head rests upon the pillow.
No need to doubt, nor question what has maneuvered through time.

Celestial hours near the calling of a full moon reveal facets of the tangible. 
Beautiful contact that could have been missed, but somehow wasn’t.
Intimates spanning the illusion of past perceptions masking what could not be made possible without this travel through time. 

Coherence of two systems, not attempting to be one.
Relief from a demon made so by impressions that could not be reshaped. 
Impact can greatly alter an organism.
Acquaintance of bones, and warm hearts and time may power a revision of sorts.
For some, an affinity this powerful requires sequential relations of past, present, and future.

Indefinite and continuous duration as a discipline so great it’s only intention- greater freedom.
Practitioner of true prayer relinquishes the expectation that anything will occur outside of the sacred balm that a recitation offers to one’s tenement.
Yet, the granting of seeing what one truly sees through another’s eyes, or aligning a song that one truly hears with the ears of another is a province graciously received.

Time is a concept, and still an experience.
Within a body, this body, existence may be more acceptable.

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