By Appointment

To have and to hold

All within my own cellular bank of joy

Gifts like the ocean and the big sky


A memory made in the world of a romantic

First meetings, first kisses, first explicit adorations

The people, the surrounding sounds, colors of magic making


Crying over estranged love on the curb

I met my dearest sister

And still we laugh at our perfect encounter


Reverential moment in time when I held a dying man

And the expression of his wife

And the friend I cried with after


Forgiveness in my body

As only grace could feel

And another breath saved my own life


Happy Buddha belly on a brother

The one who is not afraid to cry

And always finds the courage to stay


Circles upon circles of women

Sitting with unconditional courage

To open more and more


Attempts to move beyond fear

Belonging to a larger tribe

Despite stories and wounds


Laughter as it moves through

The resonance of some that make wild abandon so accessible

And then you become that brilliant delight


Sunshine of the desert kissing my flesh

Her rising and setting only possibly held as a felt sense

The impression that somehow allows me to keep remembering

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