By Appointment

Welcome! Thank you for registering for Sunday’s class.

Here is your sign in Zoom link: Join

Class will begin at 10:30am -12pm Arizona/PST/1:30pm EST

What you need to know: Come and prepare to be comfortable. I offer live classes because I really appreciate the relational field, so if you can have your video on- we’d love to see you. You will be muted unless sharing so don’t stress about family or dogs in the background. Feel free to have a notebook for notes or to just listen and have an experience. We have the time for a full 90 minutes (which I always fill live) but we may complete a bit earlier if we are a small group or folks are shy. If you want to sign up with a friend or loved one you will be able to carry the conversations on after we complete which is awesome!

For those of you that are visual learners, I am happy to send out a follow up email with a simple review of our class. However, I will not be using a powerpoint – I will just ask you to let yourself have an experience. For some of you, this may be total and welcomed repetition and for others new language, and new concepts to digest. It’s all perfect- come as you are. If nothing more, I will give you a good laugh with my funny expressions whilst talking.

Feel free to check out my website for other future offerings.

In love, m