By Appointment

Three 2.5 hour in person offerings in support of our relational neurobiology

All classes held at Sol Center in Tucson, Arizona

Sunday, January 22nd 2-4:30pm

Safety and Presence: we are wired for connection. An opportunity for listening to the wisdom of the autonomic nervous system and the two hemispheres of the brain


Sunday, February 5th 2-4:30pm

Connectedness: what do we mean when we say boundaries? A course on boundary health and intimacy.


Saturday, March 11th 2-4:30pm

Regulation and Resilience: expanding and contracting our window of receptivity. An exploration of relational neuroscience.

These offerings will be both didactic and experiential. We will be connecting within and also having interactive opportunities in dyads and the group. We will explore our relational lives through a lens of interpersonal neurobiology, the brain and implicit mind, and attachment theory and research. These mini intensives are designed to be practical tools in your everyday living. Each offering will also include a short meditation and movement practice in support of our embodied learning.

*Each offering stands alone, and taken together they will all be in support of one another and deepening our connection to our relationship with ourselves, one another, and our reality.

Classes are $75 each or register for all three for $200